New Years

   Happy New Year to everyone! I meant to write this post on January 1st but unfortunately, I couldn´t post it because my internet was down due to some problems with some wires. I can´t exactly remember! Also someone came to visit me for about two weeks! (I´ll write all about it on my next post). On top of that, I went back to work just right after. Anyway, I hope you all had a great time! 

 I was blessed to spend New Year´s Eve with my church people and family!
    The younger girls helped with the decoration. They said they had a problem with the other two numbers was supposed to say 2020!

First, we had dinner and fellowship.
 Each family brought some food to share with everyone. My favorite food was ...
 Lasagna!!! I LOVE it! 

Bro. Nacho and my Pastor talking about something.
No! I wasn´t being nosy, if that is what you were thinking! :P

     Then, what was I doing while everyone was socializing and eating? Well, I was snapping pictures of everything and everyone! By the end of the day, some people were calling me reporter. They were also hiding from me or simply, just covering their faces!

So I gave up (for a while) and I decided to eat some food!

   Afterwards, I continued with my duty and instead of just taking their pictures, I took selfies with them :D...
sister Lucia and I.

 Sister Ines and I.

 Evelyn and I.

 Diana and I.

My sister and I.

Finally, more people allowed me to take their pictures.
 Sister Loa and my Pastor.

 My cousin Levi and his wife Belen.

 My parents :D

 Neo and Dalia.

Diana, moi, Daniela and Fer. Don´t mind my arm! I was trying to get Fer in the picture.

    After a while, the picture taking started to get interesting. I mean, I am not a professional photographer therefore, you can expect some lack of seriousness, right? For instance: 

 Bro. Gabriel about to speak.

 Bro. Raul trying not to laugh because he was eating.

 My uncle Gabriel and aunt Rosa. I had to tell them a joke to make them laugh, and it worked!

 My parents! My dad, he is just a natural. Ha-ha!

    There were some funny pictures I wanted to share, but I felt too guilty to post them. I died laughing while going through the pictures and people were like: what´s so funny? I couldn´t even answer just because I was  laughing so hard!  So I guess, I made my point about how funny the OTHER pictures turned out to be!

After dinner, we got to brake piñatas and had fun with some fireworks!

Later on, we all went inside the church for prayer, worship and testimony service.

    Little Cesiah testifying. She said, "I like..." all the sudden, she gets embarrassed and this is what happens:
     Finally, she said: "I like church, Sunday school ,and even though I don´t know how to read, I keep my Sunday school work sheets and put them on my seat". She is so adorable! It touched my heart seeing her testify! Little ones are so precious!

After service, almost everyone went outside to watch the fireworks.

    Do you see all the smoke coming from the fireworks? Literally, that was how the sky looked like all the way from church to my house! It was almost as if the houses were on fire! Ok maybe, I am exaggerating a little bit :P.

Now to my New Year´s Resolutions:

To get more sleep!
To eat food!
To get more sleep!
To eat food!
To get more sleep!
To eat food! 
To get more sleep!
To eat food!

Just kidding!!!

My only 2020 resolution is; to trust in and submit myself to the God of my salvation, Jesus! 



  1. Bro. Nacho literally is THE COOLEST last name for a Mexican man to have!!! Im liiiiiike sooooooooo LOVING IT!!! LOL Well, I don't, are nachos actually considered a Mexican food or is that really a Mexican-American food?! I looooove all the pictures!!! Your so pretty!!! :) I can't wait to see all the pictures of your VISITOR!!!! How funny that you didn't blog for a while cuz your internet was down, that's the same reason I didn't blog for a while too!!! HAHA!!!

    1. haha! I´ve never thought of nacho as a last name lol until now! Nacho is short for Ignacio. It is actually used as a first name. And I don´t really know where nachos come from but I like them! Especially with some pico de gallo! (pico de gallo is something spicy).
      Thank you girl! the post about my visitor is now on my blog, you can see all the pictures now!
      I read it on your blog and I thought it was a funny coincidence that we both had our internet down lol

  2. P.S. I'm glad your favorite food was THE ITALIAN DISH!!! Italians KNOW GIRL!!! Hee, hee!!!! I just made lasagna last week!!!

    1. Girl!!! I LOVE Italian food! Besides Mexican food , I love it! Of course, I wouldn´t mind trying other food. I enjoy food lol


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